FXPHD - FLM209 Flame Masters II ( only Class 1&2)

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FXPHD - FLM209 Flame Masters II ( only Class 1&2)

FXPHD - FLM209 Flame Masters II ( only Class 1&2)

FXPHD - FLM209 Flame Masters II ( only Class 1&2)

The Flame community has seen a resurgence of interest in the venerable software. From a strong user-created Facebook community to user-led groups in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and other cities around the world, artists are once again excited about the software. The releases after the Anniversary edition have seen substantial improvements in stability and creative features, and free training editions have made the software more accessible to artists who want to learn Flame. Our Flame Masters course speaks to resurgence of the community, bringing three artist perspectives to lead the course.

Returning from his FLM208 course, Sam Edwards leads several lessons covering techniques artists can use every day on the job. From how to push the limits of morphing and warping techniques in Action to production-proven tips for cleaning up motion-estimated time warps. Edwards is a long-time flame user and owner, having recently composted over 250 shots for the new Cosmos television series. At IBC 2013, he was honored with “Recognition for versatility using Flame” as part of the Flame Award event.
从他的flm208课回来,山姆爱德华兹带领几个经验覆盖技术的艺术家可以使用每一天的工作。从如何推动变形和行动生产验证的清理运动估计的时间扭曲提示变形技术的限制。爱德华兹是一个长期的火焰的用户和业主,最近在250次堆肥为新宇宙的电视剧。在IBC 2013,他被誉为“火焰”的火焰奖”活动的一部分的通用性识别。

Artist Scott Balkcom is a particles guru and will be sharing his tips and techniques for the first time with fxphd members. The particle system can be qUIte complex and intimidating for artists, but his series of four lessons aim to demystify the process. Balkcom will be showing how he uses particles to create realistic effects such as cold breath, snow, and even blood. He’s been using Flame for commercial, eposodic, and film work since 1993.

Flame is the hub where it call comes together at the end of the project, and to that end our last prof John Fegan will be sharing job-proven workflow techniques. He’s recently completed a short film where he served as Avid Editor, effects artist, and finisher — and will be showing a solid workflow to help you get your job done efficiently.

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FXPHD - FLM209 Flame Masters II ( only Class 1&2)

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